How Do You Protect Your Pet From EMF?Prospective clients call me on a daily basis with EMF questions about how to lower exposure for themselves and their families.

But what about for our pets?

An often overlooked part of an EMF inspection is how to protect your pet from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

It is well established that humans suffer adverse health effects from man-made EMF.

Did you know that animals are affected by EMF too?

A 1995 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology demonstrated that residential exposure to AC magnetic fields led to an 80% increased risk of canine lymphoma in pet dogs.

So how do we protect our pets from EMF?

I’ll share with you some of the best practices that I use with my clients. These are quick and easy solutions that cost nothing and can be implemented by any pet owner. Let’s jump right in.

Q. Does your dog sleep at your feet while you work in your home office?

A. Unplug or move cords and charging cables away from your feet (and your dog) to lower the AC electric fields emitted by equipment with ungrounded, two-prong plugs. AC electric fields are present even when a device is OFF while plugged in. This applies to common office equipment like printers, table lamps and phone chargers. You can also zip-tie the cords together and move them away from your desk to lower your exposure.

Q. Do you use WiFi at home?

A. Move your WiFi router to an area away from where people (and pets) spend long periods of time, like a closet or in a garage. A better option is to turn your WiFi off at night when you are not using it anyway. I find that a WiFi router is often one of the largest sources of radio frequency (RF) radiation in a home. You can dramatically lower your RF exposure by turning it off at night or consider turning it on only when you need it. I like this timer or this switch to power off the outlet at night. Either one is a great option to reduce exposure.

Q. Where is the best place for my pet to sleep?

A. Most cats and dogs sleep for at least 12 hours a day so where your pet sleeps is an important consideration. Place your pet’s bed at least 4 feet away from a main electrical panel or a sub panel to reduce exposure to AC magnetic fields. Any appliance (while running) creates an AC magnetic field so keep any portable fans, air purifiers or air-conditioning units at least 4 feet away from sleeping areas. Also, electrical outlets (if improperly wired) can be a source of AC magnetic fields.

Last week in a client’s home, we were able to lower the AC magnetic field reading on a dog’s bed from 1.4 to .11 milligauss (mG) simply by moving the pet bed to the other side of the room further away from the sub panel in the hallway on the other side of the wall. That’s 10 times lower! Distance matters when it comes to mitigating EMF. Most EMF will travel through walls so be aware of what is on the other side of a wall, especially in a bedroom.

There are inexpensive, consumer friendly meters available (see “What is the Best EMF Meter to Buy” here) if you are interested in measuring your home.

A note on EMF shielding charms, pendants and harmonizers: as a general rule, I do not endorse charms, pendants and harmonizers for people or pets since the EMF reduction that they claim to offer is not measurable with my professional grade EMF meters. My preferred EMF solutions include source removal, distancing and selecting non-wireless options for technology.

For a whole house inspection or to take a deeper dive into your EMF questions, it is always best to contact a certified Building Biologist for assistance.

How do you lower EMF for your pet?