We did it!

We completed our first digital detox over Thanksgiving. Why did we try a digital detox? 

Our motivation was twofold. First, as a social experiment, to give our family an opportunity to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with one another. To gift one another with undivided attention and eye contact during conversation, uninterrupted by devices pinging. With 18 of our closest family members in the house, there was plenty to catch up on! 

Second, our motivation was to create a clean, low-EMF space for everyone to enjoy simply because it’s an important part of our philosophy for healthy living.

The night before Thanksgiving, we pitched our idea to everyone at our house. They were game to try it. 

So on Thanksgiving day we made a concerted effort to put our phones away. And it worked!

It’s funny, the hardest part for me wasn’t the actual detox, it was asking my family to try something that they might not want to do. Thankfully, they were open minded.

I loved that our kids didn’t feel like they were competing for our attention. And I loved that I didn’t feel like I was competing for anyone else’s attention. 

And at the inevitable moment of discomfort in a conversation (discussing election results, perhaps?), not having your phone keeps you from diving back into it when the conversation gets tough. Don’t you agree that this is a necessary life skill for all of us, especially in today’s world?

What did we do instead of being on our phones? We cooked a huge feast and over dinner everyone loved these cards! Have you seen them?

For me, the best part of our experience was that it gave us the opportunity to have a deeper conversation with some of our family members about why we opt for a low-EMF environment whenever possible. 

The detox may have only lasted a day, but it led to a bigger conversation about the low-EMF movement and why it’s important. The fact that we were able to shed a little light on this topic and educate family members was the real unexpected win.

Thank you everyone!