One day my wonderfully low-EMF husband comes home…

and announces that he’d like to upgrade his bicycle with wireless shifting.


Hmm. Really?


After all we’ve done to find better alternatives to wireless technology?


But then I took a deep breath. Cycling makes him happy and I encourage him to spend time on his bike. So we put our heads together and found a solution. As it turns out that it wasn’t that difficult to solve.


We went to our local bike store. The manager graciously allowed us to take the bicycle with wireless shifting outside to measure the wireless radiation that is emitted during use. We chose to measure the wireless shifters outside, instead of in the store, to avoid picking up interference from the wireless network inside the shop.


I honestly thought the measurements would be too high and he wouldn’t buy the system. Thankfully, I was wrong. The wireless exposure was virtually undetectable at the body of the rider during use.


It was a good reminder for me that making assumptions about wireless technology (or anything else!) isn’t always wise.


I love when we find the wins that allow us to live well with our technology. We’ll keep them coming!