Did you know that you can hardwire a Peloton bike with an ethernet cable instead of using WiFi to reduce your EMF exposure?


Here are our low-EMF tips for using a Peloton bike:

– To eliminate WiFi: connect a shielded ethernet cable from the back of the touchscreen on the bike to your wired router or data port in the wall. There is an ethernet port on the back of the touchscreen. We like this ethernet cable. Choose the length you want that fits your space.


– Go into Settings on the bike and turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth (this does not happen automatically when you plug in an ethernet cable).


– In addition to eliminating the need for WiFi, a shielded ethernet cable with metal ends (vs. an unshielded cable) will also reduce AC electric fields, another type of EMF.

Photo credit: www.onepeloton.com

– The power cord has a grounded 3 prong plug (instead of an ungrounded 2 prong plug) which will further reduce AC electric fields.


– Move the transformer (the black box) on the power cord away from your legs and feet, since it is a source of AC magnetic fields (yet another type of EMF).


– Off the bike: if you use the Peloton app on your phone, be sure to preload a class, then put your phone in airplane mode (with WiFi and Bluetooth off) while you take the class. We love having the option to take a class offline.


We like this setup for our Peloton workouts because it provides strong internet connectivity in a low-EMF environment.