I was raised in a low-EMF home long before…

…most people were aware of EMF as a health concern. My parents own an environmental consulting business and my mother specializes in EMF and its potential health effects. 

I’ve always believed in a low-EMF lifestyle but the turning point for me came when our children were born. As new parents it was time to define our philosophy on how to raise our family in a world where wireless technology use is so pervasive. 

There are three areas where we reduced the EMF/RF exposure during a remodel of our home: the electrical system, the lighting, and with our technology choices. Here are some examples:

1. Our electrical wiring was implemented in a way that ensures that it is low-EMF. It was checked multiple times after implementation to confirm that it was done properly. EMF exposure can increase when the wiring is improperly installed. 

2. We opted for incandescent light bulbs instead of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFB’s) or fluorescent lighting. 

3. We chose an analog gas/electric meter instead of a wireless “smart meter”.

4. We opted for wired instead of wireless with our technology choices (i.e. using an Ethernet cable with a computer instead of WIFI). 

5.  We had the electrician place the electric panel near a lower use area of the house.


A healthy home is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. For us, like many people, this means we buy organic food, non-toxic cleaning supplies, chemical free skin care, and organic linens. We eat vegetables from our garden. We compost, we reuse and recycle. We simply take it one step further by living in a low-EMF home and you can too.