Welcome to the Sage Living community!

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Stephanie Kerst, and I’m the founder of Sage Living, a community that offers solutions to create low electromagnetic field (EMF) environments. 

I founded Sage Living from the desire to share two aspects of my life: my upbringing and my journey to create a low-EMF lifestyle for my young family. 

As one of the first people (I believe) to be raised with a purposefully low-EMF lifestyle, I know that the low-EMF lifestyle needs a bit of explanation. 

My mother is a well-known EMF consultant, and she’s known for her work on the effects of EMF on human health. I’m now the mother of two young children, and because of my upbringing, I know very well that limiting exposures to EMF during critical growth and development phases, especially during pregnancy and early childhood, is just good parenting. 

Despite the fact that EMF is all around us, it’s clear that taking a precautionary approach now to reduce toxic environmental exposures is the most reasonable way to protect your family.

It’s taken quite a journey to have that as my opinion. I’d like to explain a bit more. 

From a young age, my sister and I understood that it was wise to take precautions to minimize our EMF exposure. We would jump back after turning on the microwave, our alarm clocks were placed far from our heads, and our phone and internet connections were always wired. My father owned one mobile phone that was almost always off and locked in the glove box of the car, to be used for emergencies only. Our lifestyle was not the norm, but it was normal for us!

My journey continued as I grew older. I used an EMF meter to measure fields when I was apartment hunting. We knew not to buy a house near a high-voltage transmission line. The first home that my husband and I purchased together was rewired to reduce EMF. When we remodeled our home, we created a low-EMF electrical plan, implemented by our electrician, that significantly reduces our EMF exposure. We opted to keep our analog electric meter to avoid radio-frequency radiation (RF) from a “’smart meter”. We continued on this path when our two children were born, avoiding electronic toys and baby monitors.

While I realize that this is not the norm for so many families, I do feel it’s important to share my journey with you. My husband has his preferences that have shaped our environment (yes, they include more EMF than I’d like to have). I also have kids in a school environment, which is often an environment that’s not negotiable in terms of what we can do to facilitate more support for low-EMF environments for our small children. 

Today, EMF health effects on the human body are recognized to be a significant global issue. In 2011, the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO IARC) classified EMF as a Possible Human Carcinogen Class 2B, based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant brain cancer associated with mobile phone use. Recent studies already link whole-body exposure to wireless RF with headaches, and memory, concentration and behavior problems in children, and reproductive and genetic damage in adults.  

The universal reliance on smartphones and tablets in today’s world, especially among children, is a strong indicator that we need to raise awareness about EMF and ways to live with technology available to us today more mindfully and wisely. 

I want to say right here and now that even with my background and awareness, it’s a challenging journey.

I’m on a mission to engage more parents on these issues and help families become EMF savvy. I founded Sage Living to be a comprehensive resource for families looking to understand and take precautions to reduce their EMF exposure. For reducing radiation through conscious lifestyle choices, like more educated choices for wired connection and communication options and optimal home design. I write a blog called Sage Living as well, which provides free, high-value content to educate, offer solutions and to light the way forward for parents who are committed to providing optimal wellness for their families. 

It’s been, and continues to be, an incredible journey. I look forward to going forward in this journey together. How about you? Why did you seek out Sage Living? How might I be able to support you in your journey?