He was excited. Our kids were excited. There’s no doubt that wireless technology makes our lives easier. But is it worth it?


AirPods are ubiquitous on Zoom calls and on joggers in my neighborhood these days. Many of my clients use them which made me curious.


How much radiofrequency (wireless) radiation do AirPods emit?


349,000 µW/m².


That’s what I found when I conducted an informal test on myself with my Safe and Sound Pro II RF meter.


That’s 349,000 microwatts per meter squared, almost 35,000 times higher than the Building Biology recommended limit of 10 µW/m² for sleeping areas.




Before you spend $249 on a pair of AirPods, here are some questions to consider:


Is your wellbeing affected by using wireless technology? Some of my clients are so electrically sensitive that they cannot have a single wireless device in their home without feeling very ill within minutes.


How often or for how long would you use AirPods? For a 30 minute run or for 10 hours of nonstop Zoom calls?


What other wireless devices do you use on a daily basis? Do you hold your iPhone next to your ear when making calls? I’ve measured an iPhone 11 that emitted 1,500,000 µW/m² next to a client’s head, which is worse than AirPods.


What’s the takeaway?


Know your exposure. Opt for non-wireless technologies whenever possible that work for your lifestyle, so that these changes become a habit.


Stay well and healthy.