Do you have a teen at home?


One of the most frequent questions I hear from parents is “How Do I Keep My Teen Safe From EMF?”.


It’s a great question, especially during this unusual time where many of us are working and schooling from home, increasing the time we spend on screens every day.


In 2019, 84% of teenagers had a cell phone.


In my experience, the largest sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in a home are our cell phones and WiFi network.


So how can your teen use a cell phone in a safer way that reduces their EMF exposure?


The lowest EMF option is not to use a cell phone. But that’s not realistic for 99% of my clients and their families.


Here are the top 10 tips I share with parents to keep their teens safe from EMF:


1. Use a wired headset instead of wireless headphones like AirPods.

2. If you must use AirPods, use them for a brief time (during a class or on a run) and then take them off. Do not use them for an extended period of time. Think about opting in to them vs. wearing them all day long.

3. Text, don’t talk (i.e. keep the phone away from your head).

4. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth in Settings when you are not using them, otherwise they emit EMF 24/7. This is in addition to the EMF emitted from your cellular network.

5. Move all devices out of the bedroom when you go to sleep. Do not sleep with your phone in your bed or under your pillow.

6. Set up a charging station in a central place in the home and keep all devices there overnight.

7. Avoid charging your phone near where you sit or sleep. The charger, when plugged in, is a source of EMF.

8. If you use your phone as an alarm, activate airplane mode and double check that WiFi and Bluetooth are off before you go to sleep.

9. If you need to keep your phone on at night, turn up the ringer volume and place it in the hallway outside of your bedroom, or as far away as possible where you can still hear it.

10. Keep your phone or laptop away from your body when in use. Activate airplane mode when you carry your phone in your pocket and deactivate it when you take it out.


Try these tips with your teen!


How does your family reduce EMF exposure? I’d love to hear your thoughts.