My husband Stuart…

has the patience of a saint. Especially when it comes living a low-EMF lifestyle.

That is, until I hardwired our wireless Sonos music system. It drove him nuts that he could no longer use his phone as a remote to operate the system. I get it.

So I bought him an iPad (and 2 adapters) that allow him to operate the system with an ethernet cable to access our network. 

When I went to the Apple store, the employees told me there is no way to use an iPad with an ethernet cable instead of wireless. But there is.

Simply purchase a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, connect them to your iPad, and you’re in business (see the photo below).

Two tips: orient the iPad to landscape mode (instead of portrait) to keep the cables out of your way. And be sure to turn the WIFI off under Settings so that the iPad is no longer transmitting looking for a wireless network. 

Is it the most beautiful set-up you’ve ever seen? Nope. But it reduces your exposure to wireless radiation entirely. 

And that makes us both happy.