Let me be the first to tell you…

…that initiating positive change to create a low-EMF lifestyle takes strength and grace. I am a strong believer in this lifestyle and, even so, it hasn’t always been easy. I’d like to share a story with you…

Stuart and I were thrilled when we bought our first home together in Menlo Park in 2007. It was a tiny 1940’s bungalow with original hardwood floors and a lovely garden. We were given the opportunity to place an offer on the house a few days before the open house. This was a huge advantage, as many homes that come on the market in the San Francisco Bay area receive multiple offers and sell within a few days. Everything happened so quickly that we didn’t have time to do an EMF survey before closing. Our offer was accepted and we went into escrow. 

After we bought the house, we found out that the electric wiring was the old knob-and-tube variety and that our home was wired in such a way that the field levels were well above our acceptable range. The ensuing conversation with my mother (a well-known EMF consultant) went something like this: “You know, you really shouldn’t live here. I wouldn’t even get a dog and under no circumstances should you try to get pregnant or have a baby here”. 

Wow! What a shock. On one hand, we were thrilled with our new home and, on the other hand, we were concerned about the potential health effects of living there long-term. I was upset and frustrated. In my gut, I knew my mother was right but I also felt really annoyed by the situation. It was a very difficult conversation.

In addition, it was a tough place to be, in between my husband and my mother. Stuart and I had been together for three years and married for less than one year. We were still figuring each other out. He respected my desire for a low-EMF lifestyle, but we hadn’t yet discussed how it would shape our future. My mother has been researching and writing on the relationship between EMF and the potential health effects on the human body since 1982. She knows her stuff. Personally, she has a zero tolerance policy for EMF. She uses a landline, a corded phone, wired internet and very limited use of a mobile phone. This is the environment where she is most comfortable. This is normal for her, even though these might be considered stringent standards for most people.

Thankfully, we found a solution that involved rewiring a portion of the electrical system in the house. The cost of the rewiring was a lot of money for us at the time. In some ways it felt like we were throwing money away because we planned to remodel the house in a few years. But we did it anyway.

It was the right decision but it took us some time to get there. 

I want you to know that learning about EMF and making changes to your lifestyle can be challenging – I’ve been there! 

And now I’m here to share my experiences and to support you on your journey to create an ideal vision of your life.