What is the Conscious Cleanse?

With summer here, I’m inspired to eat clean. Lots of fruit and veggies. More salads. You get the idea. Interestingly, I always thought I had healthy eating habits (veggies, lean protein, brown rice, etc.) until I tried the Conscious Cleanse. What is the Conscious Cleanse? It’s a company founded by two amazing women, Jo Schaalman and Jules Peláez. 

According to Jo and Jules, “the Conscious Cleanse is a step-by-step, 14-day journey that will teach you how to detoxify your body, ignite a process of deep healing, discover what food makes you feel the best, and create a sustainable way of eating that will support you on your journey to vibrant health and longevity.”

Now let’s be clear. I am terrified of juice fasts. I like my food. I am not cut out for fasting. The Conscious Cleanse is not a fast. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn about how to eat well and discover what foods work best for your body. It reset my eating habits in significant ways. 

Sure, but for how long, you ask? Two weeks? Try two years and still going strong. Which is why I am compelled to share my experience with you. 

In what ways did my diet change? In a nutshell, I discovered that caffeine and dairy are not optimal for my body. Especially caffeine. Before the cleanse, I drank two cups of tea a day – at most. Coffee is wonderful but way too invigorating for me. While taking a break from caffeine during the cleanse, I discovered that my mood and energy levels were much more even throughout the day. I was far more patient with my kids (big win!). I’ve traded tea for hot lemon water an am enjoying my newfound calm. 


I love finding new ideas and products that help me to live my healthiest lifestyle. I love sharing my finds with my friends. But don’t take my word for it. Check out their book or read more about the cleanse on their website. The next cleanse starts September 7th. It might just change your life!

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