The Formal Launch of Sage LivingLast week we formally announced the launch of Sage Living! After a lot of hard work, I am so excited that this time has come. The press release that we sent out will help grow the Sage Living community to reach a wider audience of like-minded health and wellness enthusiasts. 

Starting Sage Living has been a fulfilling experience for me, both as an entrepreneur (a life goal!) and in developing my role as a guide to help others create ways to live well with their technology.

Thank you to our early readers for all of your positive feedback. We are so grateful to have you as part of the Sage Living community. We love our core Sage Living community and now the time has come to take it to the next level. Stay tuned!, the World’s First Low-EMF Lifestyle Community and Resource Created for People

who Embrace Wise Technology Use

Online Community is First Dedicated Resource Created for People Dedicated to Living a Healthy, Low-EMF Lifestyle.

Teaches through Education and Empowerment, Not Fear

Menlo Park, CA Sept. 15, 2016 — Today, there’s an unprecedented level of awareness around the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle. There’s more information and choice available to us than ever before that enables us to select healthy choices in terms of what we put in our bodies and how we take care of ourselves.

But the question of what our bodies and minds are exposed to from cell phones and wireless devices is far less addressed. It’s ironic because exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from cell phones and wireless devices is on the rise and poses a significant threat to the well being of people of all ages.

Just last week, Apple released its iPhone 7, a powerhouse mobile device featuring brand-new wireless headphone technology. Using the new wireless AirPods will expose millions of Apple consumers to increased levels of wireless radiation for two reasons. First, without the headphone jack on previous iPhone models, it will be more difficult to use wired headphones because an adapter is required on the iPhone 7. So fewer people may elect to use a wired earpiece. Second, consumers will be exposed to wireless radiation for longer periods of time, since the intended use of the AirPods is not only for phone calls but for other applications like listening to music and podcasts. 

Many people are unaware of the dangers of EMF exposure from the wireless technology because they’re simply unaware that it poses potential health problems.

“EMF can literally “dis-integrate” all of the good work people are doing to take better care of themselves day-to-day in their quest to live healthier lives,” said Sage Living founder, Stephanie Kerst. Major news media outlets have increased coverage and reporting on the dangers of EMF in recent months. is a new online community launched by Kerst to create a more complete healthy-living resource. The Sage Living blog, newsletter and resources offer creative and workable solutions for coexisting with EMF that are attainable and implementable by individuals and families.

Kerst launched this community to share her ongoing journey in creating a low-EMF lifestyle for her young family. Through her content, she takes a very human approach in how she presents her experiences; from the challenges to the wins – she’s seen it all, and continues to. Her commitment to create a low-EMF environment for her husband and two young kids is no small feat considering the fact that her family home is located in the Tech mecca of Silicon Valley. 

The Kerst family’s lead a low-EMF home remodel, featured here in Sunset Magazine. She also works to build community awareness in her hometown around the topic of a low-EMF lifestyle. 

“In my journey toward having a low-EMF lifestyle, I’ve come across many challenges. It’s definitely a process, not an event,” she says. “I’ve discovered that that information is tough to track down and educational resources that are trusted are tough to find if you’re not well networked. I’ve made it my mission to bring the most accurate and timely information, resources and solutions on living a low-EMF lifestyle to my community.”

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The idea for Sage Living was really born and made clear to Kerst throughout her entire life.

Her mother is a world -renowned EMF expert, who is widely recognized for her work on the effects of EMF on human health. Stephanie and her sister grew up in a low-EMF lifestyle before most people knew that EMF radiation was harmful. 

As it turns out, the scientific community is currently conducting thorough research around the health and child development risks from EMF. Recent articles, published in 2016 have underscored the dangers of EMF exposure in both adults and children.

These articles have generated more awareness, but the informational resources are still not at the ready for real people who live fast-paced lives surrounded by the EMF emitted by their wireless devices.

Sage Living addresses this problem and it will enable you to learn how to take a precautionary approach to EMF exposure while still living a “normal” life, which embraces technology more wisely.

“With adults and children constantly relying on cell phones and tablets all of the time, and our lives being linked to all of our electronic accessories, it’s time to consider making incremental changes to a lower EMF lifestyle,” she said. “Awareness needs to be increased and the Sage Living community is dedicated to doing just that, along with providing real-world, actionable solutions available to everyone.”

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About Sage Living:
Despite the fact that EMF is all around us, it’s clear that taking a precautionary approach now to reduce toxic environmental exposures is the most reasonable way to protect your family. This is why Sage Living is here to teach you how to live a purposefully low-EMF lifestyle. The low-EMF lifestyle needs a bit of explanation. This is why Stephanie Kerst, Sage Living founder, created a community that offers solutions to create low electromagnetic field (EMF) environments. For more questions about Sage Living, visit: